Anti ageing bible to launch in both print and online

Want to look ten years younger? Want help in finding the best cosmetic specialist, health spa or tips on looking great? Then you are like millions of women across the country who haven’t had a magazine that can help them find the right treatment. Until now, and the launch of Brand New You.
Merricks Media today announce the launch of Brand New You , which will combine the best of both a magazine and a website to form the indispensable information source on cosmetic enhancement.Following a highly successful test with Tesco in 2006, the magazine is being launched as a glossy monthly, targeted at the estimated 6 million women who consider a cosmetic procedure each year. Its editorial will focus on five key areas ; Face, Smile, Body, Style and Wellbeing, with readers being guided through the latest developments in cosmetic improvement.Cosmetic surgery will feature strongly in the editorial mix, as will fast growing treatments such as Botox and cosmetic dentistry.In addition to the magazine, the website, ( offering product reviews, news, advice and a host of community features will launch at the same time.“We want to offer our readers an authoritative, informative and above all aspirational read,” says Zeena Moolla, editor of Brand New You magazine “We know from our research that there are many thousands of women in the UK desperate for friendly advice from a magazine they can trust and that is produced to the highest quality. That’s what Brand New You will deliver, both in print and on our website.”Lisa Doerr, publisher of Brand New You, says “More and more women want to look younger and feel great about themselves. However, until now, they haven’t had a magazine that can deliver trusted advice in a friendly and informative way. We think that Brand New You will change that. It’s a magazine that the industry has wanted and that consumers will love. And unlike many other publishers, our experience on the internet has shown us that it is vital to offer readers content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”The magazine will go on sale on the 24th May, priced £3.25 and will be available through WH Smith, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and a number of other leading retailers.

Doctor skincare cream is a best seller!

When internationally renowned dermatologist, Dr. Nick Lowe, introduced his own skincare range, it was bound to be popular – but to sell out after just four weeks? That’s impressive!

When internationally renowned dermatologist, Dr. Nick Lowe, introduced his own skincare range, it was bound to be popular – but to sell out after just four weeks? That’s impressive!Available in Boots, Dr. Nick Lowe’s Super Charged SPF 15 Day Cream (£16.95) was only on the shelves for a month, before completely selling out.And due to the increasing demand, there is now a growing waiting list throughout many Boots stores for this must-have cream, which contains potent antioxidants and vitamins, and is currently being produced at lightening speed to meet the growing demand.

It took over ten years of research before Dr. Nick Lowe’s skincare line become available and every product has been researched and formulated by Dr. Nick Lowe himself. “It has always been my ambition to formulate high performance, affordable, dermatology-led skincare preparations that offer no false promises or miracle fixes, just healthy, beautiful skin.The philosophy behind my product line is simple – prevention and repair using effective, clinically tested products, with approved ingredients of the highest quality.”

Despite being the first British Doctor skincare brand to be launched in the UK, there are now a growing number of other Doctor brands also available on the market, including Dr Brandt, Dr Sebagh and Dr Denese.

Relax and unwind

Stressed-out Christmas shoppers should head to Kavala Spa, a luxurious new day spa in Essex which offers a selection of aromatherapy facials, wraps and body treatments, and is ideally just a 30 minute train ride from central London.

Stressed-out Christmas shoppers should head to Kavala Spa, a luxurious new day spa in Essex which offers a selection of aromatherapy facials, wraps and body treatments, and is ideally just a 30 minute train ride from central London.Kavala’s Sea Holistic Radiance Spa Face & Body Treatment is a 1 hour and 45 minute treatment promising sheer relaxation and bliss – again, perfect for the stressed-out shoppers!
This pampering treatment starts with a full body scrub, followed by a relaxing massage and luxury facial.

Cosmetic Surgery Consumers Soaring

Protest as we may to the contrary, it seems we Brits are more image-conscious than we like to let on, according to a report published by Mintel in November last year.Research shows that the number of cosmetic surgical procedures carried out in the UK last year was three times higher than in 2002, with an amazing 100,000 of us choosing to go under the knife, and more than five times that number picking a non-surgical alternative such as Botox.Breast and face lift surgery were most popular amongst women, with nose jobs being number one for men.What kind of surgery have you had?

The Beauty Oscars

Award season is upon us and now, even the beauty industry is getting in on the act. Professionals from the hair and beauty industries have been acknowledged by the Prime Minister in the 2008 New Year Honours list. IS THE FIRST TIME BEAUTY PROS HAVE BEEN LISTED?

Aromatherapist Eve Taylor and Romy Fraser, founder of Neals Yard Remedies were each awarded an OBE, whilst hairdressers Beverley Cox and Errol Douglas (Uma Thurman and Naomi Campbell have both had a Douglas snip) received MBEs, along with Joanne Willcox, founder of Jo Malone, who was recognised for services to the Beauty Industry.

The inclusion of beauty professionals in the list only serves to reinforce the burgeoning belief that this is an industry to be taken seriously and one that plays an important part in the lives of all of us.

Which? Report criticises cosmetic clinics’ marketing ploys

A recently published Which? Report claims that cosmetic surgery companies are using aggressive marketing techniques, such as seasonal discounts, to put ‘undue pressure’ on potential clients. The report also suggests that some companies are making misleading claims pertaining to the results expected from particular treatments and that patients were offered inadequate information about possible complications.

Dr John G Curran, President of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) disputes these points, suggesting that the report itself is misleading: “The BACD recognises that major cosmetic surgical procedures carry a small but significant risk. Unfortunately the Which report seemed to expand this point to areas of cosmetic treatment such as Laser Hair Removal and simple wrinkle treatment which are safe in competent medical hands. These types of statements only serve to cause confusion and anxiety in patients with little to gain”.

Dr Curran also states that there is no reason to criticise the use of seasonal discounts when applied to simple, non-surgical procedures and adds that the patient can benefit financially from such offers.

One of the companies criticised in the Which? Report is Transform. A spokesman from the group commented: “As the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery provider… We are committed to adhering to all the current guidelines set down by the various regulatory health bodies… Transform offers a seven day cooling off period for all surgical patients, ensuring that anyone who is unsure can postpone or cancel their treatment.”

De-fuzz for Summer!

Summer may seem a long way off, but it’s never too early to start prepping your body if you want to be the belle of the beach. To help you achieve the ultimate in fuzz-free legs, Tria is an at-home laser hair removal system that offers long term results.

Tria is the first clinically proven, patented medical grade laser hair removal system that can be safely used at home, so you can be fully fur-free in time for summer, without taking time out of your schedule to visit a salon. Invented by the same scientists and engineers who first pioneered medical grade laser technology, Tria is a cordless, handheld device, making it easy to use on most areas of the face and body.

Whilst traditional hair removal devices such as shaving and waxing can result in stubbly re-growth just days after use, lasers provide long term hair removal for all areas of the body.

Unlike other home laser systems, Tria has FDA approval and has been designed to be as safe as possible, with three contact sensors to safeguard against misuse. If all three contact sensors are not touching the skin, the device will not emit a pulse of light.

Tria has three levels of intensity, which can be tailored to skin sensitivity. When applied to the skin, the device emits a short pulse of light, targeting multiple hair follicles in second-long intervals. When it’s time to move on to the next treatment area, Tria will give out a short beep.

Tria is not a quick-fix solution. It should be used every two to four weeks until the desired results are achieved (it usually takes around two to four weeks for affected follicles to ‘eject’ the unwanted hair), so it’s advisable to begin at least four months before you dare to bare! After the first treatment, it takes about two weeks to see visible results, but clinical studies show that 90% of users reported any re-growth to be both lighter and finer.

At £695, Tria is not a cheap option, but once you’ve made that initial outlay, chances are you will never need to buy another razor again. So
if you’re looking for a more long term hair removal solution and don’t have time for weekly salon visits, Tria could be just what you’ve been waiting for!

Hair Heroes

London’s hair hot spot turns national beauty brand

Haircare brand Tommyguns’ slick looking London-based salons are the place to
be if you want to be on the young, hip and cool beauty ball. Don’t live in
London? The salon has now launched a range of contemporary haircare products
in Boots stores nationwide ( Just in time for summer comes a
four-step range for dry, frazzled or distressed hair. There’s the Nettle and
Burdock shampoo and conditioner (both £5.99) the climate control spray and
the smooth and finish crème (both £6.49) on offer and all of them are
perfect for keeping tresses in good style and shape, no matter how heated
your holiday may be.

Organic Hair

Label.M go green with its latest organic hair care range

Hip hair care brand Label.M is proving that even the young at heart and well tressed of the world are keen to get eco-friendly. Expect to see it’s new Organics range cropping up in Salons nationwide. It’s Organic moisturising lemongrass shampoo (£12.25) and conditioners (£16.75) are crammed with US certified organic ingredients and both help prepare the hair for styling by eliminating tangles and combating frizz. Good to know that we’ll be helping the environments as well as working a fabulous do when we give the range a go.

The rise of DIY cosmetic surgery

Experts are warning that the current obsession with celebrity is driving people to perform plastic surgery – on themselves.

The most extreme cases are being blamed on body dysmorphic disorder (or BDD), which affects more than a million people in the UK. It is one of the the curses of celebrity culture that people are becoming more obsessed with how they look and comparing themselves constantly with TV and movie stars.

At a surgery conference in Bristol yesterday, a shocked audience were told how –

One man gave himself a nose job with a chisel and replaced the cartlidge with a chicken bone
People have cut their stomachs to perform DIY tummy tucks
Others have used superglue to pin back their ears
Consultant psychiatrist Dr David Veale said that DIY surgery was used by the “most depressed and most desperate people” but was on the increase.